Huobi Global Is Going To Support client Order Id For Api Users


The pending take-profit and stop-loss (tp/sl) orders and trigger orders will not occupy the quantity of the position. Besides, the returned data will be [] as well if the interval between “from” and “to” exceeds 2 years. Reduce the data pushed by reducing the number of WS subscriptions. In Futures, Coin Margined swaps, USDT Margined swaps thereof, as long as the interface address is the same, one ws is enough. Check the byte[] is directly to be Base64 encoded after generated from the HmacSHA256 signature, instead of hexadecimal string to be Base64 encoded.

You may edit the API key note and bind IP address simply by clicking “Edit”. You may choose to delete the API key by clicking “Delete”. If there are not parameters page_index and page_size, the system will query the top 20 data on the first page by default. The closing price of flash close orders has a predictable effect, which can avoid users’ loss due to the orders cannot be filled when the market fluctuates violently. The corresponding data will not be returned if the sub-account has visited the contract system but has not opened contract trading.

huobi order api

All you need to do is fill out the form letting Huobi know why you want the data, what data you’d like included and what date range to include. You’ll also need to verify your account with ID to make this request. There is no way to export this data, so you’ll need to add deposit, withdrawal, conversion and other history manually in Koinly or create your own CSV file to import. Read our guide on how to add transactions manually or our guide on how to create a custom CSV file. Visit Snyk Advisor to see a full health score reportfor huobi-api, including popularity, security, maintenance & community analysis. In the case when you don’t have open orders, the server will respond with specially formatted ExecutionReport.

Q6: Why Does Signature Verification Return Failure 403: Verification Failure ?

For restful interfaces:all products 800 times/second for one IP at most The rate limit for “req” request is 50 times/s at most. No limit for “sub” request as the data will be pushed by server voluntarily. The return data from Cancel An Order Interface only means that order cancelation designation is executed successfully.

It is unstable if the client’s server locates in China mainland, it is suggested to invoke API from a server at AWS Japan. Sub user has independent login password and API Key, they are managed under parent user in website. You can compare the network latency between two domain and, and then choose the better one for you. It is suggested to use Rest API for one-off operation, like trading and withdraw. There are two types of interface, you can choose the proper one according to your scenario and preferences. The top of the document is the navigation menu for different API business; The language button in the top right is for different languages, it supports Chinese and English right now.

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A regular push of account is performed every 5 sedconds.The event field of the reponse is «snapshot».If there is a push in 5 seconds, snapshot push will be skipped. Periodical Push when the index data hasn’t changed according to the kline period. Bid price and ask price Offshore outsourcing are not updated in real time, there will be some delay . For the Trade WebSocket interface, server have to do authentication for topics require authentication before making connection. Please note that the WS request connection should not go over 30 normally.

Discuss Talk about cryptocurrency taxation with the rest of our community. If your orders amount does to meet the restrictions dictated by CurrencyPairMetaDatathen the exchange will reject your order. Use OrderValuesHelperto validate and / or adjust it while you’r building an order. In the past month we didn’t find any pull request activity or change in issues status has been detected for the GitHub repository. Downloads are calculated as moving averages for a period of the last 12 months, excluding weekends and known missing data points.

huobi order api

Most of the interface is now complete, and the user can continue to extend it based on my design, working with me to improve it. If the authentication cannot pass, the invoking of private interface will fail. Step 4) Please complete the SMS, Email & Google Authenticator security authentication. To generate the security code for SMS and Email, you are required to click the “Send” button. If it is incremental data, you have to maintain local orderbook bids/ asks data.

Q10: Why The Api Return Http 405 ‘method

Client_order_id,order status query is available for orders placed within 8 hours; Otherwise, clients cannot check orders placed beyond 8 hours. The interface limits the number of requests to 1 time per 3 seconds. Client_order_id, order status query is available for orders placed within 8 hours; Otherwise, clients cannot check orders placed beyond 8 hours. Both order_id and client_order_id can be used for order withdrawl,one of them needed at one time,if both of them are set,the default will be order id。 If you’re holding a position currently, the leverage you choose when placing an order should be the same as the leverage of your current positions, otherwise, the order will fail to be placed. If you need a new leverage to place an order, you should switch the leverage of current positions first by using the Switch Leverage interface.

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BTCEX: Crypto Derivatives You Longed For Your Money

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Get latest trades from all symbols up to 1 minute ago or get latest trades from a specific symbol without time limitation. Get full list of supported time periods available for requesting exchange rates historical timeseries data. Get exchange rate between pair of requested assets at specific or current time. By default we are using JSON output data format for all of our endpoints, you can control format of data by using output_format variable in query string parameters. Once your Huobi data is imported, Koinly works its magic to calculate your taxes. After this, Koinly calculates your taxable position including your income, expenses, losses and short and long term gains.

The npm package huobi-api receives a total of 13 downloads a week. As such, we scored huobi-api popularity level to be Limited. Navigate to your cryptohopper account and find the baseconfig. From there on out, you can click on the tab labeled «exchange». Note that Huobi only allows for data export for the past 4 months. If you have transactions from before that date, try contacting Huobi customer support for a full historical CSV file. You can import the historical transactions to Coinpanda as well.

Search Past Margin Orders(isolated)

The field ID returned by the information interface option-api/v1/option_order_detail is a globally unique transaction identifier. If a maker order is matched multiple times, a trade will be pushed once there is a transaction matched. The coin margined swap, future and USDT margined swap limit the rate separately. The field ID returned by the information interface swap-api/v1/swap_order_detail is a globally unique transaction identifier. The application will show how to establish two outgoing FIX connections to the XTRD FIX Gateway. One of the sessions will be used to receive real-time, normalized market data for a single pair — ETH/USDT.

huobi order api

While the conditional order being triggered, if the clientOrderId is duplicated with another order coming from same user, the conditional order will fail triggering. • The gap between orderPrice and stopPrice shouldn’t exceed the price limit ratio. For example, a limit buy order’s price couldn’t be higher than 110% of market price, this limitation should be also applicable to orderPrice/stopPrice ratio. 1) Although the newly introduced conditional order is also triggered by stop price, before it being triggered, the Exchange will not lock order margin for this order. Only when this conditional order being successfully triggered, its order margin will be locked.

Q29: Is The risk_rate Margin Rate In query Users Account Information Interface

So the number over 18 bits need be parsed by jaso-bigint package. «The leverage is invalid. Please contact the customer service.» Only if a user has positions of a single token and has no open orders, the leverage is available to be switched flexibly.

huobi order api

Querying condition “created_at” uses 13-bit long type time stamp . Querying crypto exchange connectors development performance will be improved when accurate time stamps are entered.

This interface is used to transfer assets between Spot account and Option account. Request parameter“create_date”changes from «can only enter 7 or 90″ to » Enter a positive integer; if the parameter exceeds 90, 90 days’ data will be queried.» The records of cancelled and unfilled limit orders are only kept for 24 hours. Lightning close means that the order can be filled instantly at the price within BBO-Optimal30, and the unfilled part will be converted to a limit order automatically.

Provide screenshot of trading volume for the past 30 days or VIP/corporate status with other Exchanges. If user querying occurs just after the transaction, transactAmount、transactValue、transactPrice might be updated as blank.