Huobi Global Will Add Trading Pairs In Mbp Market Data For Api Users


The workflow is following — you sent a RequestForPositions message and the server will get back to you with one RequestForPositionAck message that indicates what to expect next. In case you do have some positions, the information will arrive in the form of PositionReport messages. Let’s get started with the easiest part — establishing a connection to a market data session and subscribing to updates for ETH/USDT. After we finish the handshake phase, the application will start sending limit orders to buy ETH. The order price will be always 20% outside the market just to make sure that the order will rest in the book and not execute. We will allow the order to rest on the book for several seconds and then cancel it.

No matter incremental data or full data, every connection is unique. The version connected may be different for multiple websocket. When users select «Merge Depth», open orders of a certain precision will be merged and displayed. «Merge Depth» only affects the display mode, not the actual transaction price. Please note that Huobi Option API document will only focus on data illustration in non-fixed format. This interface is used to transfer assets between Spot account and Option account. Lightning close means that the order can be filled instantly at the price within BBO-Optimal30, and the unfilled part will be converted to a limit order automatically.

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Coinpanda has direct integration with Huobi Global to simplify tracking your trades and tax reporting. Calculate your taxes and generate all required tax reports and forms easily. Buy and sell standard hashrate mining power (0.01 TH/s) or earn daily Bitcoin rewards from staking Hash Hive Standard Hashrate Tokens.

The system will obtain the optimal N price at that moment and place the order. Query the order status by swap-api/v1/swap_order_info.If the status is 10,the order is failed。 If the order_id couldn’t be returned due to network problems, you can query the status of the order by adding the custom order number. Most of the network connectivity problems , are caused by network Code review instability , you can use the server in AWS Tokyo C area with , which can effectively reduce network timeout errors. The outer layer of each pushed data has a “ts”, which represents the time stamp when the server pushes the data to the client and the corresponding time zone is UTC+8. The market trade subscription will be pushed when there is a transaction.

This endpoint returns all Huobi’s supported tradable symbols. 10.Check the byte[] is directly to be Base64 encoded after generated from the HmacSHA256 signature, instead of hexadecimal string to be Base64 encoded.

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Add the digital Signature encoded with URL code into the path parameters with the parameter name of «Signature». Add the digital Signature into the parameters of request path.

This interface is to set the deduction fee for parent and sub user . ChainField ValueERC20 usdterc20OMNIusdtTRXtrc20usdtIf leaving the field empty, default target chain is ERC20, or you can explicitly set the chain to usdterc20. Parent user and sub user search for all existed withdraws and deposits and return their latest status. Parent user and sub user could query deposit address of corresponding chain, for a specific crypto currency . Wallet APIs provide query functionality for deposit address, withdraw address, withdraw quota, deposit and withdraw history, and also provide withdraw and cancel-withdraw functionality. Sub user could only transfer point from sub user to parent user. Via this endpoint, user could only transfer ‘termless’ and ‘terminable’ points instead of any other cryptocurrencies.


Account APIs provide account related query and transfer functionality. This endpoint retrieves the most recent trades with their price, volume, and direction. This endpoint retrieves the latest trade with its price, volume, and direction. This endpoint retrieves the current order book of a specific pair.

When re-connection occurs, snapshort data will be pushed for the first time. Add computed value into the Signature parameter in API request. Please note the computed value SHOULD NOT be encoded into URL cdoe. Please note that Huobi Coin Margined Swap API document will only focus on data illustration in non-fixed format. All response data from WebSocket server are compressed into GZIP format. This interface is used to transfer assets between Spot account and Coin Margined Swap account.

huobi api pairs

Once your Huobi data is imported, Koinly works its magic to calculate your taxes. After this, Koinly calculates your taxable position including your income, expenses, losses and short and long term gains. Finally, Koinly compiles all this information into one simple tax summary, available on your tax report page. With the launching of this new endpoint, the existing REST endpoint “v1/order/orders” will be kept in service.

Current Data

A regular push of position is performed every 5 sedconds.The event field of the reponse is «snapshot».If there is a push in 5 seconds, snapshot push will be skipped. A regular push of account is performed every 5 sedconds.The event field of the reponse is «snapshot».If there is a push in 5 seconds, snapshot push will be skipped. If there is an order with N trades,including 1 taker and N maker,it will push N+1 trades at most. When any one of the buy_one price, buy_one quantity, sell_one price and sell_one quantity changes, the system will push BBO price. You HAVE TO maintain local orderbook data,such as updating your local orderbook bids and asks data. Orderbook will be pushed if orderbook is updated whenever incremental or snapshot.

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After the period specified in message passes, the client must expect that the underlying WebSocket connection will be closed from the server-side. A new connection will automatically be established to a different server. A Book message is sent for each snapshot or update of the order book. Book message represents total ammount of bids and asks aggregated by price level. Get latest quote updates up to 1 minute ago or get updates for a specific symbol without time limit. Get latest trades from all symbols up to 1 minute ago or get latest trades from a specific symbol without time limitation. Get full list of supported time periods available for requesting exchange rates historical timeseries data.

Added Query Open Take

Please check your own signature code after demo verification is successful. This endpoint transfers specific asset from cross margin account to spot trading account. This endpoint transfers specific asset from spot trading account to cross margin account.

Get history transactions from specific symbol, returned in time ascending order. Makers with excellent strategy and large trading volume are welcome to participate in the long-term market maker project. The crypto exchange connectors development code is contained in the other 2 files are files from Huobi that contain their API code. contains all the functions that allow for interaction with the exchange functionality.

huobi api pairs

Each data point of this timeseries represents several indicators calculated from transactions activity inside a time range . There are several ways to use data from our REST API inside the Excel, Google Sheets, or similar calculation sheet application. This section will do as best as possible to keep all information up to date on how you could load the data into these applications.

Users can buy some of these digital assets directly with debit or credit cards. The exchange regularly lists new coins from emerging blockchain ecosystems and the world of decentralized finance. With its fast trade engine, sleek and responsive user interface, and high-level security standards, Huobi has made waves globally. It now boasts offices in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the USA, and Hong Kong, while its Headquarters is now located in Seychelles. The turbulent period came in 2017 when the Chinese government prohibited all crypto-related activities on exchanges. The ban forced Huobi to move its base of operations and restructure to survive.

Meanwhile, Huobi is planning to have a delegated data service to support users’ demands on long-term history data. Once this new service become available, the “v1/order/orders” will be deprecated.

Response Parameters:

This endpoint returns the amount changes of a specified user’s account. Obtain the total asset valuation of the platform account according to the BTC or legal currency denominated unit. This endpoint returns the balance of an account specified by account id. This endpoint retrieves the summary of trading in the market for the last 24 hours. This endpoint retrieves the latest ticker with some important 24h aggregated market data. API user could query static reference information for each currency, as well as its corresponding chain.